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09:41 am Centreon-Core Enhancement #2196 (Closed): Sync SNMPTrap files to nagios satellite
The following patch add the command to push snmp traps to remote Nagios Satellite and restart snmptrap service.


07:49 pm Centreon-Core Bug #2193: Add snmp trap to a service
Ok an update to the latest pear package fixed the issue.
Can be closed.
07:25 pm Centreon-Core Bug #2193 (Rejected): Add snmp trap to a service
Under Centreon 2.1.11 i can't add a snmp trap to a service.
The javascript error is displayed when i select the Se...
05:06 pm Centreon-Core Bug #2192: Cron
Je viens de voir que cela concerne Centreon BI.
Je vais le soumettre au support concerné.
05:04 pm Centreon-Core Bug #2192 (Closed): Cron
Dans le répertoire centreon/cron
Le programme qui est utilisé en cron génère cette e...


01:35 pm Centreon-Core Bug #2146 (Closed): Install process / mysql tables is broken with recent mysql server
With a Mysql server 5.0.77-4.el5 everything is ok.
With Mysql server advanced 5.5.8-1.rhel5 some tables are missings...

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