Centreon is one of the most flexible and performant monitoring software under GPL license.

Meant for any kind of users, Centreon fits the indicators of systems, networks and applications. Centreon gathers functionalities that are essential to the monitoring of critical infrastructures. Being modular, it can evolve depending on your needs thus allowing you to extend its functionalities.

To stay on top of your IT infrastructure, Centreon provides a solution that delivers exactly what you need.

  • Servers, networks and softwares monitoring * Real time exploitation and management frontends * Entire platform maintenance and support by the product' editor * Open Source without limitation in your day to day using
SVN for Centreon :
o stable: http://svn.centreon.com/branches/centreon-2.3/
o trunk: http://svn.centreon.com/trunk


Manager: Julien Mathis